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GMH is a passionate business entrepreneur and investor with a long trajectory in financial consultancy, represented by the MLT group of companies. His 360 vision in finances allows him to partner with low-risk aversion, helping him develop a diversified group of companies. GMH’s eye for investment embraces creativity, technology, and innovation.

Accelerating through investment promising fellow entrepreneurs who are moved towards technology.

To have a positive impact by selecting and funding companies innovating new technologies and products that will change the industry.

Investment policy

GMH has created a business growth policy which also strengthens assets. Developing a strategy with a combination of risk and conservation of funds.

Small or mid-sized, preferably owner-led companies with a high growth trajectory.

European-based, or North American-based with ambitious European expansion plans.

Open-minded, ambitious people that are self-aware enough to appreciate the value of receiving support and guidance from an experienced partner.

He works towards meeting your individual needs with flexibility. GMH's ideal partner is looking for an investment and strong operational help to grow exponentially, in exchange for a minority stake in their business.


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Investing. Consulting. Building.

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